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Writing well at work  is an online course that will help you lift your writing capability. It will help you write documents that are easy to read, get to the point fast and achieve purpose. You’ll learn the best way to organise content for just about any document, and you’ll learn the principles of writing in plain language (sometimes called plain English). It will help you prevent reckless writing.

Writing well at work satisfies the training requirements to become an authorised PlainLanguagePro document certifier. See plainlanguagepro.org. (The A$165 course fee is fully refundable if you become a certifier.)

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If you are a bright, capable, enthusiastic worker, but feel you are let down by your  writing skills, this course is for you. Very few people receive guidance about writing well during formal education, especially if you’ve focused on mathematics or science – Writing well at work fills that gap.

Writing well can help you stand out – your bosses and clients will appreciate writing that is clear, easy to read and that has an impact. People who can communicate well in writing are in high demand.

The course breaks the one day face to face course into a number of short presentations you can view whenever you have a few minutes.